Maastricht - a compact city

Maastricht gladly welcomes the Intersteno congress 2022 with open arms. On the map below you discover that Maastricht is split by the Maas [the Meuse], the river that gave its name to the city. The main congress venue, the Crowne Plaza Hotel [2] is situated across the east-side of the Maas in the district Wyck, where also the main railway station [2] is situated.

The Crowne Plaza hotel is next to the Plein 1992 [square 1992], named after the famous 1992 Treaty of the European Union, first step in a long process to introduce the Euro as currency of the European Union.

In 10 minutes you walk from the railway station to the Crowne Plaza hotel.

You can easily cross the Maas river by the historical Saint-Servaas bridge (13th century) or by the modern 'Hoge Brug', next to the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Almost all highlights of Maastricht are at walking distance.

53rd Intersteno Congress 2022
Maastricht [the Netherlands]

Due to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis the 53rd Intersteno congress is postponed to July 2022

Tentative new date
Wednesday 20 – Monday 25 July 2022*

* Congress date depending on the concert tour of André Rieu in July 2022.

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